The Tribe of Rushing Water are like the Clans in many way, but are unlike them in many ways as well. They live in the mountains, so they are specialized in mountain hunting. They often cover their pelts in mud to help them blend in while hunting.

Please ask Here to join.



Teller of Pointed Stones (Stoneteller) - black and white tabby tom with silver-blue eyes.

Roleplayed by: Moon


pond where moon reflects


Silver Pool of Water (Silver), a silver tabby she-cat with a white tail and underbelly. Amber eyes too.

Roleplayed by: Echo.

Star that Shines Near Moon (Star): a slver tabby she-cat with white spots and yellow eyes.

Rolepayed by: Mossstar101.


Echo of Howling Wolf (Echo): Pale grey tabby she-cat with green eyes.

Roleplayed by: Fawny.

Song of Morning Sparrow (Song): Brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes.

Roleplayed by: Fawny.


Starlight that Lights Night (Starlight)-black she cat with white circles around her eyes and a white tipped tail.

Roleplayed by: SnowStorm.


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