Salmontail is a pale ginger she-cat. She has greeny-grey eyes. Her white leaft fore-paw is white and her tail-tip is missing.

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Family & EducationEdit

Mate: Greypelt

Kits: Spottedstar and Littlefur

Granddaughters: Dawnkit and Bluekit

Grandsons: Salmonkit

Mentor: Unkown

Apprentice (s): Unknown

Names: (Each Name needs an image)Edit

Queen: Salmontail

Warrior: Salmotail

Elder: Salmontail

How MistClan told the truthEdit

She is seen nursing Spottedkit and Littlekit. She is proud and gentle towards them. Salmontail is eager to tell her mate, Greypelt, about how much their kits got into trouble while he was out hunting. She purrs with pleasure while her playfights with them.

When Spottedkit and Littlekit become Spottedpaw and Littlepaw, she is sitting next to Greypelt, their curled up together. She nodds approvingly at Ivystar's choice of mentor for both of her kits. She and Greypelt then go hunting.

She readily accepts Ivystar's proposal of telling the truth for three moons. She puffs out her chest in pride when Ivystar meantions that it was Spottedpaw's idea. She has to convince Greypelt to agree to the truth telling. She is sitting next to Silentdawn, who also agrees with her apprentice's idea.

When Spottedpaw and Littlpaw recive their warrior name, Salmontail is seen sitting outside the elders den. Silentdawn is sat with her, as she retired as well. She shudders when Ivystar mentions Greypelt's name.

She dies soon after Littlefur gives birth.

She gives Spottedwing one of her nine lifes, the life of trust, to belive in herself and in her Clan. She and Greypelt look upon their daughter, their eyes filled with love. She tells Spottedstar that they are whatching over her, were ever she is.

Character ImagesEdit

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