Salmonkit is a grey tom-kit with a pale ginger under-belly that streches down the back of his hind legs and then covers his paws.

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Family & EducationEdit

Mother: Littlefur

Father: Applewhisker

Aunt: Spottedwing

Sisters: Dawnkit and Bluekit

Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice (s): Unkown


Kit: Salmonkit

Warrior: Salmonpelt

How MistClan told the TruthEdit

Salmonkit is born to Littlefur and Applewhisker along with his littermates, Dawnkit and Bluekit. When Littlefur is showing them to Spottedwing, Salmonkit neads her belly in search of milk. This amuses both Spottedwing and Littlefur as they both had big appetites.

Miststar ChatEdit

In a chat with Miststar (founder of MistClan) she told us that Salmonkit grew up to be a feared and respected warrior, Salmonpelt.

Character ImagesEdit

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