Here are the Gurildelines of Project Backgrounds.

  • You can put backgrounds up on the Project BackgroundsTalk Page that you have made yourself. It will be put into a gallery which means that other users can use them for themselves.
  • The other users will give you comments on how to improve and give you advice.
  • when you are made a warrior, you can create Apprentice Tutorials for the new apprentices to use. But you must ask first and see if your fellow uaers agree that your art is good enough to help and train people with.
  • There will ba a link to a page were warriors can nominate apprentices for warriorship and warriors for apprenticeship. See Nomination for more details. Only senior warriors, the deputy and the leader can give the 'yes' and make you a warrior/senior warrior.
  • If you don't work on a BG for three days you will recive a warning. If after another day you still haven't worked on it, it will be declined.
  • 30 BG's up for approval at any one time. Tutorial disscuion count as one of the thirty, but general disscusions (eg. Should I make the leaves amber or green in the BG?) don't count.
  • Naming Backgrounds for approval is quite easy.

If the BG is for approval put:

Beach Scene- For Approval

If the BG is declined put:

Beach Scene- Declined

If the BG is being withdrawn by you put:

Beach Scene- Withdrawn by User

  • Project Photo works alongside Project Backgrounds to create good BGs for all the users. All backgrounds that are made can be used by all members of the wiki.
  • When you put a BG up for approval you must put the photo you copied it from aswell. This will help you improve even more.
  • Before an image can be approved, Senior Warriors, the deputy or leader must put Cat Image Approval up. This means you must draw the background against a cat blank. The cat must be coloured in. People can then give their comments.
  • Only Senior Warriors, the deputy or the leader can put IBA (Imporvemnets before approaval?) up. If after 24 hours there are no more comments it can be approved.

It may seem very confusing but you'll get the hang of it. If you have any questions, please ask.


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