Current: NightClan
Past: Kittypet, Loner, Rouge
Rank: Leader
Mentor: None
Apprentices: None
Roleplay Info
Status: Alive
Roleplayed by: Moon

Nightstar is a black tom with icy blue eyes.


Night is first seen as a kittypet with his brother Star. When his owners kick him and his brother out they move into a beautiful meadow. One day a beautiful cat padded into the meadow and his borhter Star fell in love with her. One day another cat came in with the she-cat and saw that he loved his mate, Jewel, the she-cat that came into the medow earlier and he killed Star. Night was forsed to join the group of rouges that the tom that killed Star, Bouncer, lead. He then meets a she-cat named Leo who is a pretty kittypet and is afraid of the rouges, Jewel then tells Bouncer of the kittypet then Night takes Leo to a barn so she wouldn't get hurt, the two stay there for awhile. He is show to care for Leo. When he wakes up it is shown that there is a couple living in the barn, a couple of cats named, Jingle and Thorn, they wanted to make a clan so Night became the leader, Jingle became the deputy, Leo became the Medince Cat, and Thorn became a warrior. Nightstar gave the names, Jingle became Bellsound, Leo became Leopelt, and Thorn became Thornclaw. It is shown he is visited by his brother, Star, when he needs him. He says he loves Leopelt and Leopelt overhears this. The two say they love eachother. A twoleg came into the barn athey were in and threw Nightstar so he lost one of his nine lives. When they find their new camp Leopelt says they can't be together because she is a Medicine Cat, He is very sad by this. When Bellsound and Leopelt come in with two kittypets, Raven and Frosty, they get their warrior names, Ravenflight and Frostyfoot.


He is a very mysterious cat, he is shone to be caring and nice, but can be fierce and aggresive in other cituations.


Brother: Star

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