I'm glad you want to join our community! Here are some guidelines to get you started off.

  • If you are planning to kill off a character in RP you may reserve a character on the Adoption Page, but only for two weeks.
  • To become another users sister, brother, mother, father, daughter, son etc, you must ask first before you add them to your family tree or to a cats history page.
  • There are no mentors in this wiki. You can ask anyone any questions you may have.
  • You can have up to six pages in your user page linking to fan-fiction, faimly trees, allegencies and your cats personality.
  • Set your Character History out like this: Dapplestar.
  • Please base your history around what happens from your leader's history. Though you don't have to copy it word for word.

If you have any more questions please ask.


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