MistClan camp is a cave at the end of a cave. It is well hidden and protected.

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Driftstar padded into camp, her dappled grey pelt shining, bright blue eyes gleaming and belly full. It was mid green-leaf and prey was running well, the Clan was fed and soon they might have some kits. They needed more warriors if they were going to have kits though. Or there wouldn’t be any mentors for them. She placed her fresh-kill on the pile and then turned around, looking at the apprentice’s den. Her lively apprentice, Beechpaw, should be inside.

“Beechpaw?” She called, wanting to get the young cat to sort out the elder’s bedding – Whitefire wouldn’t enjoy sleeping on old moss. Where was Beechpaw when you need her? (Word Count: 108) Beechpaw dark shape padded out of the elder’s den, carrying the old bedding, “Good morning Driftstar!” She said with her mouth full of the used moss, and put it down near her paws. “What would you need? I just finished cleaning the elder’s den and I even got a good story from Whitefire!”

She looked around the camp, imagining what it would be like when she was a warrior, Would it be the same? Or will everything be totally different? Her gaze green settled back on Driftstar as she curled her dark tail around her paws as she waited for an answer from her leader. (Word Count: 105)

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