The MistClan Medicine Cat Den is in a large overhanging rock in the MistClan camp. When you go inside the den you see about six nests lined up across a stone wall. Also two other dens are in there too. Those are the Medicine Cat's and the Medicne Cat Apprentice's dens. There is also a crack in the wall that has the smell of herbs which is the is the herb storage. Look here to see the list of herbs.


"Moonpelt? I've got a thorn in my pad.." Dapplestar limps through.

Moonpelt takes the paw and wraps his teeth around the thorn and pulls it out. " It's bleeding a little," he said so he went into the herb store and got some cob web and came back out and wraped it around the paw. "There you go. All fixed."

"Thanks!" Can you come to my den please?"

"Sure" pads after Dapplestar.

" Oh, look at this!" Spottedkit run in excitedly. She tosses a herb up in the air and catches it with her small claws. When she sees Moonpelt coming, she hides behind the medicine cat's nest. Spottedkit paws moss off her nose and watches Moonpelt do his work.

"Did anyone see Spottedkit recently? I thought I heard her in here." Echoheart asks and sniffs around the den. "There you are! I've been looking all over for you!" Echoheart licks Spottedkit furiously, grabs her by the scruff , and walks to the nursery.

" But Mommy!" Spottedkit could be heard protesting in the distance.

Moonpelt turns around,"I didn't know that she was in here. I'm sorry." he said.

"Hello, Moonpelt," Echoheart coughs and tells Moonpelt how Dapplestar told her to come to him but, she says it with coughs in-between the sentences.

"Hmmm. Do you have a fever?" He asked.

"I'm not entirely sure. I've never been intertested in medicines." Echoheart says in-between coughs.

Moonpelt padded up to Echoheart "Yep, you do."

"So, what am I supposed to do?" Echoheart looks into Moonpelt's eyes as if she was asking, But what about my kits? And Lightningstrike?

"Here." He gave her some pulp of Coltsfoot for the cough and some and some Feverfew for the fever," There you go. Come back tommarrow."

The next morning, Echoheart walks in, and she's clearly gotten better. " Hey, Moonpelt. Do I still need herbs? I feel a lot better."

"You'll be fine." Moonpelt said.

"Thanks Moonpelt!" Echoheart says as she walks to the nursery again.

Mosspaw pads in "Moonpelt! I found a path that leads to some catmint!"

"Really? Show me." he said.


(Mosspaw pads in) "Wow, that was a lot of catmint!"

"It was, good job Mosspaw," he said.

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