Littlefur is a thick-furred, brown tabby she-cat with white paws, muzzle and tail-tip. Pale blue eyes.

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Family & Education Edit

Mother: Salmontail

Father: Greypelt

Sister: Spottedwing

Mate: Applewhisker

Daughters: Dawnkit and Bluekit

Sons: Salmonkit

Mentor: Applewhisker

Apprentices: Unknown


Kit: Littlekit

Apprentice: Littlepaw

Warrior: Littlefur

Queen: Littlefur

How MistClan told the TruthEdit

Littlekit is seen playing with Spottedkit near the nursery entrance. Spottedkit sees their father, Greypelt, near the fresh-kill pile with his apprentice, Sunpaw. Salmontail tells Greypelt about Littlekit and Spottedkit jumping on the medicine cat's tail. Spottedkit looks at her paws while Littlekit wishes she was somewhere else. Greypelt senses his daughters are ashamed and play fights with them.

She recives her apprentice name, Littlepaw, and is apprenticed to Applewhisker. They go and explore the territory with Spottedpaw and Silentdawn. Their parents are sitting together with their tails intertwined. They seem to approve of Ivystar's choice of mentors.

Spottedpaw is furious after their first gathering and storms to see Ivystar after. Littlepaw tells Sunpaw and Darkpaw what happened and then goes to sleep. Spottedpaw joins her a while later.

The next day, Ivystar calls a Clan meeting. She proposes that MistClan stop lying to protect themselves for three moons. Littlepaw sees Spottedpaw lick her chest and Littlepaw knows it was Spottedpaw's idea. She and Salmontail convince Greypelt to agree to the truth-telling. A warrior named Greenflower says it would make the Clan look weak but Ivystar silences her, Littlepaw, who is siting next to her, hears her mutter somthing. Addertail retires from being deputy and Ivystar names Greypelt in his place.

After three moons, Littlepaw's training is nearly over. Even after the three moons, MistClan are still telling the truth. Ivystar soon gives Littlepaw and Spottedpaw their warrior names; Littlefur and Spottedwing. Ivystar mentions that Greypelt, who died in a battle against LeafClan, would be proud of them.

Ivystar dies and Brookpelt becomes the leader, Brookstar. Spottedwing is named deputy. Littlefur tells Spottedwing that she is expecting Applewhisker's kits. Salmonkit, Dawnkit and Bluekit are born.

Spottedstar tells Littlefur that Salmontail and Greypelt gave her two of her lives. She also tells Littlefur that Miststar gave her one of her lives.

Miststar ChatEdit

In a chat with Miststar (founder of MistClan), she revealed that Littlefur's kits grew up to become Salmonpelt (a loyal and devoted warrior), Blueheart (the best medicine cat MistClan had had in a long time) and Dawnstar (Leader after Spottedstar).

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