Spottedstar: A sandy colored she-cat with brown spots on her head

Played By: Spottedhead


Flamewing: Ginger tom with a black stripe down his back. Amber eyes.

Played by: Fawnstorm

Medicine CatEdit

Robinflight: ginger tabby tom with a white tail tip.

Played by: Moonpelt

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

Dawnpaw: A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with ginger paws and black ears.

Played By: Dawnleaf


Crowtail: A gray-black skinny she-cat with a layered tail; Spottedstar's mother

Played by: Spottedhead

Dustmask: A light gray tom with black eyes; Spottedstar's father

Played by: Wildfire

Tawnystorm: A reddish brown she-cat with a black paw and amber eyes.

Played By: Cloverheart

Willowsky: A tortoiseshell she-cat with a deformed white paw.

Played By: Icestorm

Silverfur: A silver she-cat with white spots and amber eyes.

Played By: Mossstar


Shadowpaw: Black tom with green eyes; apprenticed to Silverfur.

Played by: Shruggy

Leopardpaw: Creamish-orangish she-cat with black spots like a leopard and amber eyes; apprenticed to Tawnystorm.

Played By: Echoheart

Queens and KitsEdit


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