Ivystar is a black and ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes and a white tail-tip and fleck on her nose.

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Family & EducationEdit

Mother: Unkown

Father: Unkown

Mentor(s): Unkown

Apprentice(s): Unkown


Warrior: Ivyeyes

Deputy: Ivyeyes

Leader: Ivystar

How MistClan told the TruthEdit

Ivystar makes Spottedkit and Littlekit apprentices. Their mentors are Silentdawn and Applewhisker.

Spottedpaw speaks to Ivystar after her first gathering. They come to the agreement that the clan should tell the truth for three moons. She silences Greenflower who speaks out. She then allows Addertail to retire and names Greypelt deputy in his place.

She gives Spottedpaw and Littlepaw their warrior names; Spottedwing and Littlefur. She tells them that Greypelt would have been proud of them. Silentdawn and Salmontail retire to the elders den.

She gives Spottedwing the life of compassion, to judge with her heart and mind.

Miststar ChatEdit

In a chat with Miststar (founder of MistClan), it was revealed that Ivystar's deputy and warrior name was Ivyeyes.

Character ImagesEdit

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