Welcome to Project Mentor!

This is a Project. Users can learn more about the wiki, and it's articles

Our Mission!

We teach new and inexperienced users the guidelines and ways of the wiki.


Leader: Echoheart


Warriors: Fawnstorm

Apprentices: Hiddensun, Cloverheart17, Mossstar101


Becoming a Mentor:Edit

You can become a mentor when there is more users on the website or if the leader thinks that it's absolutely nessecary for a user to be a mentor.

All mentors can only have 2 or 1 apprentice(s) at a time.

Becoming an Apprentice:Edit

To become an apprentice, write a message on the talk page under "Apprentice Requests" using Heading 3. You can request if you want. Only the leader or deputy can approve of the apprentice.

The only way an apprentice can become a mentor or stop being an apprentice is when the mentor says that his or her's apprentice is ready to be a warrior or if the leader approves.

Mentors and ApprenticesEdit

This is where the mentors and their apprentices are listed.

Mentors Apprentices
Echoheart Hiddensun,Mossstar101
Fawnstorm Cloverheart17
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