Welcome to Project Art!

This is a Project. Users can work on improving areas of this wiki, not always on the articles

Our Mission!

To provide this wiki with good quality artwork that shows time and effort.


Leader: Fawnstorm

Deputy: Echoheart

Senior Warriors: Nightshine


Apprentices: Goldenpaw, Clarrissa, Dawnmouse, Moonpelt1786, Icestorm, Birchy, Mistyheart, Brightfrost, Maplefern, Mossstar101, Nightwhisker98, Brambleclaw14, Paulmer, Jojohehehe, Firestorm123, Agent WindFire

Project TableEdit

A maximum of characters can be reserved by any one user at any one time, and they must include your image that is up for approval at the time. These may only be up for 2 weeks.

No pixels are permitted to be reserved for ranks that we do not have blanks for. (These will be removed from the page) Below is what to put after your character when you pu them in the table:

Leader= (L)
Deputy= (D)
Medicine Cat= (MC)
Medicine Cat Apprentice= (MCA)
Warrior= (W)
Apprentice= (A)
Kit= (Ki)
Elder= (E)
Loner= (Lo)
Rogue= (R)
Prey Hunter= (PH)
Cave Guard= (CG)
Healer =(H)
Kittypet =(KP)

Please make sure no one else has reserved the Character that you wish to reserve. DO NOT delete their reservation if you want to to the Character. You may be disscused for exil.

To add a box onto the Table right click on the last row. Then go onto row, add row after.

Name Character 1 Date Added Character 2 Date Added
Fawnstorm Brackenpaw (A) June 15th None June 20th


None N/A None N/A
Birchy None N/A None N/A
Echoheart Beechpaw (A) September 18 None N/A
Goldenpaw None N/A None N/A
Moonpelt1786 Nettleheart (MC) July 26th None N/A
Nightshine Cloudpaw (A) September 18 Warrior Blanks September 18
Maplefern None N/A None N/A
Snowstorm None N/A None N/A
Dawnmouse None N/A None N/A
Mossstar101 None N/A None N/A
Paulmer Molepaw July 4th None N/A


Needed Images

Approved Images

PA Warrior and Senior Warrior Nominations

Project Art Guidelines

PA Apprentice Tutorials

Character BlanksEdit

We Need:

  • Leader Blanks
  • Warrior Blanks
  • Medicine Cat Blanks (Approved)
  • Medicine Cat Apprentice Blanks
  • Apprentice Blanks (Approved)
  • Queen Blanks
  • Kit Blanks
  • Elder Blanks
  • Loner Blanks
  • Rogue Blanks
  • Kittypet Blanks


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