Greypelt is a grey tabby tom with a larges white patch on his back. He has very bright blue eyes and battle-scarred ears.

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Family and EducationEdit

Mate: Salmontail

Kits: Spottedstar and Littlefur

Granddaugthers: Dawnkit and Bluekit

Grandsons: Salmonkit

Mentor: Unknown

Apprentice (s): Sunpaw


Warrior: Greypelt

Deputy: Greypelt

How MistClan told the truthEdit

Spottedkit sees him telling Sunpaw to take the crab to the elders. He visits Salmontail in the nursery and listens to her proudly as she tells him about the kits adventures, messing with the medicine cats tail as he was trying to give her borage. Greypelt notices that his kits are uncomfortable and play fights with them.

He is sitting next to Salmontail as his daughters become apprentices. His tail is wrapped around hers and he approves of Ivystar's choice of mentor by flicking his ear. He tells Sunpaw to restwhile Silentdawn and Applewhisker take their new apprentices out to explore the territory. He then asks to hunt with Salmontail.

After some talking to by Salmontail and Littlepaw, he agree with Ivystar's proposal of being truthful for three moons. He nods towards Spottedpaw. When Addertail retires from being deputy he takes her place.

He is not there to see Spottedpaw and Littlepaw recive their warrior names. Ivystar mentions that he died in the battle against LeafClan over the border. Salmontail flinches.

Spottedwing sees him when Brookstar makes her deputy.

Greypelt gives his daughter the life of humor, to lighten the burden of her Clan when despair threatens. He and Salmontail are sitting together, their eyes filled with love and pride. He licks his daughter on the ear, tells her that they will meet again and he fades, dipping his head in respect for the new leader.

Character ImagesEdit

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