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Welcome to my Siggie Tutorial. Not many people know how to do this so here goes. It will probably be quite long as I like to cram in as much infomation as I can. Tell me if you don't understand! If you'd like me to add something, say on the talk page.

Do not edit this Tutorial, only the Sandbox at the bottom. :)

Customizing and ColoursEdit

What goes where?Edit

Many people link their username (or something like that) to their userpage and a second bit of text to their talk page. Its very simple how you do this! But you can also have links to you contributions, any tutorials you've made or recommend or your favourite articles! You can add jokes, funny lines, quotes and lots more to any of you siggie. Its basiclly about what links to what and what these will say.

Fonts and Font ColoursEdit

Most fonts from Microsoft Word you'll be able to use and if you don't want a particular font, just leave it and it will come out like the font that all pages have, the font I'm using here. And colours:

Silver, Thistle, Violet, Orchid, Fuschia, Magenta, Crimson, Red, Tomato, Salmon, Orange, Goldenrod, Wheat, Khaki, Yellow, Olive, Green, Lime, Aquamarine, Cyan, Aqua, Turquoise, Teal, Blue, Navy, Purple, Chocolate, Brown, Maroon, Saffron, Black.

Any of these will work! If you see a Siggie with a different colour ask what it is or copy it off the code!

Getting Down to Work: Basic CodesEdit

The most basic signature code you cn have is the one you recive when you arrive at the wiki, this code:


Will come out like this: Fawnstorm. But there is lots more you can do to it! Add colours and stuff!

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