Current: DustClan
Past: None
Rank: Medicine Cat
Mate: Finchstar
Mentor: Unknown
Apprentices: Cloudpaw
Roleplay Info
Status: Alive
Roleplayed by: Fawnstorm

Creekshine is a light and dark grey patched, tabby she-cat with blue eyes.


Creekshine is a warrior of DustClan.

She speaks with Finchstar one morning and he seems to like her. Creekshine is embarrassed and they later go out searching for catmint. Finchstar brushed against her fur and she tells him it isn't right to be doing that. He seems hurt and says that the Clan would never know. Creekshine syas that she'll tell him the next day of how she feels.

The next day, she waits for Finchstar in his den and when he arrives back from a patrol, she says yes. The two nuzzle eachother for a few moments but then Flowerfern appears, asking to go train her apprentice. Finchstar says yes and uses his charm to make sure she doesn't suspect anything. Creekshine is slightly angered by this and begins to walk out. He pleads for her not to then she leaps on him again and they play fight. She leaves soon after to go back to her medicine cat duties.

Creekshine later tells Finchstar that she is expecting his kits.

After Cloudpaw is attacked by Flowerfern, Creekshine cares for the scared apprentice. While she is caring for Cloudpaw, she tells Finchstar that StarClan sent her a message. They told her that their kits are in danger. Finchstar reassures her by saying he will protect them all.

A few days later, she asks her if she wants to be the medicine cat apprentice, and Cloudpaw agrees.

When Brackenpaw gets attacked by a dog, she helps him recover and tends to his tail.




Finchstar: Living


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