Current: DustClan
Past: None
Rank: Medicine Cat Apprentice
Mother: Lilyfrost
Mentor: Flowerfern, Creekshine
Apprentices: None
Roleplay Info
Status: Alive
Roleplayed by: Nightshine

Cloudpaw is a silver and white brindled she-cat with light blue eyes.


Cloudpaw is first seen as an apprentice of DustClan. Her mentor is Flowerfern.
Flowerfern discovers that Creekshine is expecting Finchstar's kits and she is furious. She tells Cloudpaw to tell everyone about them.
Later, Flowerfern asks Cloudpaw is she has told any cat. She says she told Brackenpaw and Lilyfrost, her mother. Flowerfern is angry that not enough cats know and calls Cloudpaw useless, then attacks her. Finchstar, Creekshine and Lilyfrost come over and are shocked at what they see. Flowerfern is still trying to attack Cloudpaw. Finchstar intervenes and brings Flowerfern to his den to talk. She is later exiled from the Clan for attacking an apprentice.
When Cloudpaw is being treated by Creekshine, she is relieved to hear that Flowerfern is leaving the Clan.
Later, Creekshine asks Cloudpaw who she wants her new mentor to be. Cloudpaw is unsure, then Creekshine asks if she wants to be the medicine cat apprentice. She agrees happily and Finchstar agrees as well.
Cloudpaw is seen collecting herbs with Finchstar and Brackenpaw. At first, Brackenpaw asks unhappily why she is going, and she reminds him that she's the medicine cat apprentice.




Lilyfrost: Living
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