Applewhisker is a russet coloured tom with green eyes.

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Family & EducationEdit

Mother: Unkown

Father: Unkown

Mate: Littlefur

Daughters: Dawnkit and Bluekit

Sons: Salmonkit

Mentor: Unkown

Apprentice (s): Unkown


Warrior: Applewhisker

How MistClan told the TruthEdit

He becomes Littlepaw's mentor and is delighted when Ivystar gives the eager apprentice to him. He sends Littlepaw to sleep after the gathering.

When Ivystar gives Littlepaw and Spottedpaw their warrior names he seems to show signs of liking towards her.

Later, he fathers her kits. And when Spottedwing visits, he puffs up his chest in pride. He gazes down at Dawnkit, Bluekit and Salmonkit with so much love that he purrs nearly all the time.

Character ImagesEdit

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