Here you can adopt a Character! Charcters can be posted here if:

  • An elder dies
  • A warrior is killed in battle
  • Kits are born

All of these things will have no Users to play them. They are put up here, and people can resevre them for up to two weeks. After that if they have not taken them, then reserve is removed. If you are planning to kill off a charcter, then you can reserve one.

Cats up for AdoptionEdit

Here you can adopt cats. See why cats are put here above. Please note: There history must be kept. If there is not a picture of the cat, please go to Project Art and put it on the list of 'Needed Images' if it NOT already there (Ctrl+F). PA will get round to it A.S.A.P.

The cats are put into seperate pages, depending on which Clan they are from. Please don't take a cat that isn't from your Clan. It will cause to much hassle. If you would like to reserve a cat from another Clan leave a message on the talk page as exepctions will be made.

MistClan Adoptions

EmberClan Adoptions

LeafClan Adoptions

DustClan Adoptions

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